Auction House Terms & Conditions


1. BIDDING. The highest accepted bidder to be the PURCHASER. In the case of dispute the lot to be put up again at the last undisputed bidding, or the Auctioneer may declare the purchaser. The bidding to be regulated by the Auctioneer who shall be the sole arbitrator in any dispute. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any bid, to sell the lots in such order as he may think convenient to withdraw any lot, to group together, and to bid on behalf of the Vendor.

2. DEPOSIT. If required, the PURCHASER to pay a deposit of 25% as part payment of the purchase money. Such a deposit shall apply to all or any of the lots purchased.

3. ADDRESS. Purchasers to give their name and full address.

4. DELIVERY. Each lot is at the Purchaser's risk at the fall of the hammer and must be removed with all faults, defects and errors upon the day immediately following the conclusion of the sale. No lots may be removed by the Purchaser until the whole amount of his bill has been paid and the delivery slip checked by the Porter. No lots will be delivered during the sale.

5. DESCRIPTION. The Auctioneers act as agents only. Each lot as set out in the catalogue, or as divided or joined with any lot or lots at the sale at the sole discretion of the Auctioneers, is sold with all faults, imperfections, any errors of description and neither the Vendor nor the Auctioneers are responsible for the authenticity, period, condition or quality of any lot. All statements in the catalogue as to any such matters are statements of opinion and are not to be taken as or as implying statements or representation of fact. Purchasers are deemed to have satisfied themselves by inspection or otherwise as to all such matters and as to the physical description of any lot. Neither the Vendor nor the Auctioneers make or give, nor has any person in the employment of the Auctioneers any authority to make or give any representation or warranty or for any statement in the catalogue.

6. DAMAGE. Any damage caused during the view and sale, or during the period of removal must be made good by the person causing the damage.

7. REMOVAL. All goods must be cleared from the saleroom by the day immediately following the conclusion of the sale. In the event of any lot not being so removed a charge of 1 per day per lot including VAT will be made for storage; should any lot not be removed by one week after the sale, the Auctioneers reserve the right to re-sell the same, either by Auction or by private treaty, the defaulter shall be liable for any loss incurred, and for the warehouse or other charges arising.

8. DEFAULT. As the Auctioneer acts as agent only, he disclaims responsibility for any default on the part of either the Vendor or Purchaser. Vendors are not paid until payment is received.

9. TRANSFERS. No lots will transferred and under no circumstances will any lots be delivered to a third person without the Purchaser's written instructions.

10. CHEQUES. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse payment by cheque.

It has become increasingly more difficult to interpret what constitutes repair or damage and we therefore have decided to discontinue the practice of marking lots in the catalogue as repaired, damaged, restored, cracked, chipped, w.a.f or a.f. We emphasise that it is the responsibility of the intending purchaser to fully examine all articles, but especially the china and glass, for prior damage (if any).

12. FORGERIES. Not withstanding these conditions, if the Auctioneer receives notice in writing from the Purchaser within 10 days of the sale that in his view a lot is a forgery and on giving such notification the lot is returned to the Auctioneer in the same condition as at the time of the sale, then if on considering such evidence as the Purchaser supplies to prove his assertion, the Auctioneer decides that the lot is a forgery, the sale of the lot will be rescinded.

13. BUYER' S PREMIUM. The purchaser shall pay to House and Son a premium of 17.5% on the hammer price plus Value Added Tax at the current rate on the premium.