Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1939. Sale Date: Tuesday 22nd August 2017

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Oil Paintings and Watercolours

Lot No. 3
A 19th Century oil on canvas - Landscape scene with buildings and trees in the foreground, town in the distance, under a cloudy sky, gilt framed - 18in. x 21in.

Lot No. 4
Oils on board - Still life of vegetables and a candle, framed - 19in. x 15in. and a print on fabric of 18th Century Romantic figures in a landscape with a river and trees, framed and glazed - 22in. x 32in.

Lot No. 5
Peter Broughal. Oils on board entitled Arainneach depicting a gentleman in a white tam o'shanter, framed - 16in. x 12 1/2in., two coloured engravings of a Street In Galway and Castle and City of Limerick, two oiled pictures in oval gilt frames of trees and a lady, a coloured print of Christ in a gilt frame and a coloured print of a Medieval lady

Lot No. 6
An oil on board - Swiss chalet under a cloudy sky, framed - 14in. x 17in. and an oil on board - Continental landscape with river and hill, under a cloudy sky, framed - 9 1/2in. x 11in.

Lot No. 7
An oil on canvas - Male figure holding a child, framed - 13 1/2in. x 11in.

Lot No. 8
Oils on canvas - Lady in a black dress and white scarf, framed - 13 1/2in. x 9 1/2in. and an oil in an oval - Head and shoulders portrait of a child in a white dress, framed and glazed - 10in. x 8in.

Lot No. 9
E.C.S. Two initialled watercolours - Lakeland scenes, mounted framed and glazed - 4in. x 6 1/2in. and 5in. x 7in.

Lot No. 10
A portrait of an Edwardian lady in pink and lace dress, in a circular Florentine frame and glazed - 3 1/2in. dia. and 8in. dia. overall and a coloured photograph of a Victorian child in a blue and white gown, in an ornate gilt frame and glazed - 6in. x 4 1/4in.

Lot No. 11
A Victorian watercolour in an oval - Head and shoulders of a girl, in a Florentine frame - 6 1/4in. x 5in.

Lot No. 12
F. Lund. A signed oil on canvas - Venetian lake scene with fishing boats and town in the foreground, snow capped mountains in the background, gilt framed - 13 1/2in. x 18 1/2in.

Lot No. 13
Ivor Drinkwater. A watercolour of a woodland scene, framed and glazed - 18in,. x 11 1/2in., Ena Pitfield. A watercolour - Ballard Point, a German black and white engraving of a river scene with buildings, framed and glazed and two signed watercolours of sailing boats

Lot No. 14
Ellen Vernon. Oils on canvas - Country house with a lady and deck chair in the garden, framed, - 13 1/2in. x 21in., a small oil - Swiss mountain scene, framed and a selection of decorative prints

Lot No. 15
R. Linderum. A signed oil on panel depicting a monk seated at a table studying flowers, a candle to one side, in an ornate gilt frame and glazed - 7in. x 9 1/2in.

Lot No. 16
H. Cartlidge. Two watercolours - Street scenes with figures, mounted, framed and glazed - 11in. x 8in. and two watercolours initialled H.R.B depicting village scenes with churches, mounted, framed and glazed - 6 1/2in. x 4 1/2in.

Lot No. 17
A signed gouache - Desert scene with minarets, figures on camels and beside a river, framed and glazed - 19in. x 8in. and two smaller similar dittos - 4 1/2in. x 9in.