Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1974. Sale Date: Tuesday 22nd January 2019

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Oil Paintings and Watercolours

Lot No. 2
E.K Johnson 1864. A signed watercolour - Mother and child with white dog in a garden, mounted, framed and glazed - 14 1/2in. x 20in.

Lot No. 3
Colin Parker. An oil - Evening Light Macdonald Valley, framed - 17in. x 20in.

Lot No. 4
W.S Morrison. A watercolour - Moorland scene with stream and heather, mounted, framed and glazed - 11in. x 31 1/2in.

Lot No. 5
John Emmett. A signed oils on board - A Bush Track To Mount Piddington, framed - 29in. x 39in.

Lot No. 6
John Emmett. A signed oils on board - Gums and Sunlight Kanimbla Valley, framed - 19in. x 24in.

Lot No. 7
Douglas Prett. An oil - Pastoral Western Victoria, framed - 17in. x 22in.

Lot No. 8
Two modern oils on canvas - Still life of flowers and river scene with flowers and a modern oil on canvas - Still life of a Chinese vase and fruit, all framed

Lot No. 9
Della Rossa. A signed oil on canvas - Landscape scene with figures in a boat in the foreground before trees, mountains in the distance, mounted, framed and glazed - 23in. x 34in.

Lot No. 10
Oils on canvas - House within trees with a gentleman, dog and doves on the road in the foreground, framed - 14 1/2in. x 18 1/2in.

Lot No. 11
A signed pastel - Head and shoulders of an Eastern gentleman, a carved wood plaque depicting figures and a selection of other pictures various

Lot No. 12
G Evans. A pair of signed oils on canvas - Still life of a basket of fruit and still life of a tazza, jug and bowl of fruit, both in ornate gilt frames - 16in. x 19in.

Lot No. 13
R Douglas. A pair of signed oils on canvas - Beach scene with fisher folk pulling in the boat and a fisherlady with three baskets of fish and coastal scene with fisherlady and child in the foreground with baskets of fish, figures and boats in the estuary, gilt framed - 19 1/2in. x 29 1/2in.

Lot No. 14
G. Evans. A pair of oils on canvas - Still life of flowers, gilt framed - 9 3/4in. x 7 1/2in., a pair of oils on board - Still life of flowers, in decorative gilt frames - 10 3/4in. x 8 1/2in. and a coloured print after Lowry - The Canal

Lot No. 15
G Evans. Three oils on canvas - Still life of fruit, ewers and glasses, in ornate gilt frames - 7 1/2in. x 9 3/4in.

Lot No. 16
Oils on board - River and mountain scene with trees in the foreground, under a cloudy blue sky, gilt framed - 8in. x 11in., a signed watercolour - Bluebell wood, framed and glazed and two coloured prints after Russell Flint, framed and glazed

Lot No. 17
A 19th Century oil on canvas - Lady in a shawl and gentleman in a frock coat, he holding a tethered pig, gilt framed - 12in. x 8 1/2in.

Lot No. 18
A large oil on canvas - Two peasant boys, one holding a shallow basket, a jug and basket in the foreground, gilt framed - 35in. x 41in.

Lot No. 19
Two signed watercolours of Continental river scenes, an antique black and white engraving - Boors At Cards, two prints of horses and a tapestry picture of a cottage