Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1962. Sale Date: Tuesday 24th July 2018

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Oil Paintings and Watercolours

Lot No. 4
D Cunliffe 1839. Oils on canvas - Dead grouse, in a maple frame - 13 1/2in. x 17in.

Lot No. 5
E. Armfield. A signed oil on canvas - Two terriers in an interior, in a birds eye maple frame - 11in. x 15in.

Lot No. 6
W.H Troud and H Frier 1904. Oils on canvas - Dog attacking a fox, framed - 13 1/4in. x 19 1/2in.

Lot No. 7
A.S 1889. Oils on canvas - Still life of a plum and apples, framed - 8in. x 11in.

Lot No. 8
Oils on canvas - Child holding kittens with a cat at her feet, gilt framed - 10 1/2in. x 8in.

Lot No. 9
Arton. Oils on canvas - River scene with buildings, gilt framed

Lot No. 10
A collection of watercolours and other pictures including river scenes etc..

Lot No. 11
Gudrun Sibbons. Oils on canvas - Flamenco dancer, framed - 20in. x 16in.

Lot No. 12
Barbara Bartel 89. A signed watercolour - The River Inman, framed and glazed and Hilda Dearle 1971. Oils on artists board - Still life of flowers, framed - 19 3/4in. x 23in.

Lot No. 13
Vernon Ward 1977. A watercolour gouache - Yellow and white flowers with butterfly, framed and glazed - 18 1/2in. x 14in.

Lot No. 14
Vernon Ward 1950. A pastel sketch of an original study for Cries of London depicting Peg Wolfingate, framed and glazed - 19 1/2in. 14in.

Lot No. 15
A 19th Century silhouette of a military gentleman, framed and a watercolour portrait dated 1807

Lot No. 16
Malcolm Broom. Oils on canvas - Magnolia, framed - 24 1/2in. x 19 1/2in. and a print of a clown, framed and glazed

Lot No. 17
A Georgian silhouette of a girl holding a basket, in a birds eye maple frame and glazed - 7 1/4in. x 5 1/2in.

Lot No. 18
A Chinese hand painted picture on silk of butterflies and moths with flowers, framed and glazed - 12 1/2in. square

Lot No. 19
David R James. A modern oil on canvas - Lake scene with cottage and trees, gilt framed - 12in. x 15in., an oil on canvas of a lake and mountain scene, framed - 12in. x 15in., a coloured print of Hambledon Mill and a selection of modern oil paintings various