Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1970. Sale Date: Tuesday 13th November 2018

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Oil Paintings and Watercolours

Lot No. 6
A painting in an oval depicting Sir John Maynard, framed and glazed

Lot No. 7
An antique painting in an oval - Head and shoulders portrait of a lady in Elizabethan dress, in a silver coloured metal frame and glazed - 3 3/4in. x 3in.

Lot No. 8
A 19th Century painted miniature - Half length portrait possibly of George II, in a gold coloured metal frame (incomplete back) - 2 1/4in. x 2in.

Lot No. 9
A 19th Century painted miniature as a brooch depicting head and shoulders portrait of Charles II, in a gold coloured metal frame with diamond set crown terminal - 1 1/2in. x 3/4in. overall and a Georgian bracelet panel painted with head and shoulders portrait of Charles II with a skull, enamel backed - 3/4in. dia. overall

Lot No. 10
A Greek enamel portrait of a Saint and a smaller ditto, framed

Lot No. 11
An antique gilt metal and enamel locket containing a painted miniature of Charles 1 and Queen Henrietta Maria of France - 1 1/2in. high

Lot No. 12
A painted miniature - Head and shoulders portrait of a Georgian gentleman, in a black frame with gilt slip and grape form hanger - 3in. x 2 1/4in.

Lot No. 13
J. Shapland. A signed watercolour - Moorland scene with river, mounted, framed and glazed - 20in. x 30in.

Lot No. 14
Initialled T.L. A watercolour - Winter scene with snow covered buildings, male figure and dog in the foreground, mounted, framed and glazed - 5in. x 6 1/2in. and E. Mercer. A quantity of amateur oils on artists board, framed

Lot No. 15
M Parker. A signed watercolour - River scene with fisherman on the bank, mounted, framed and glazed - 12 1/2in. x 15in.

Lot No. 16
Peter Oliver. Oils on canvas - Country cottages, mounted and framed - 9 3/4in. x 7in.

Lot No. 17
Oils on canvas - Still life of tulips, crocus and lily of the valley, gilt framed - 11 1/2in. x 8in.

Lot No. 18
J. Kahdaggan. A signed oil on canvas - Winter village scene under a cloudy blue sky, framed - 11 1/2in. x 15in.

Lot No. 19
R. Allen. Oils on artists board - Windsor Castle, gilt framed - 5 1/2in. x 9in.

Lot No. 20
Albert Lucas. Oils on canvas - Landscape, gilt framed - 7 1/2in. x 10in.

Lot No. 21
Ernest Constance. A signed watercolour - Head and shoulders portrait of a child, mounted, framed and glazed - 10in. x 8in.

Lot No. 22
T. Hughes Clayton. Oils - Beach scene with fishing boats and rocks, framed - 9in. x 20 1/2in.

Lot No. 23
A 19th Century signed oil on canvas - Boats on a rough sea, gilt framed - 9 1/2in. x 17 1/2in.

Lot No. 24
Frank Dillon. Oils on bard - Fishing Boats, gilt framed - 13in. x 19in.

Lot No. 25
Wilson. Oils on mahogany panel - Continental lake scene, in a pierced gilt frame - 12in. x 19in.

Lot No. 26
Oils on canvas - Portrait of a seated elderly lady sewing, framed - 17in. x 12in.

Lot No. 27
Oils on panel - Figures in 17th Century dress seated merrymaking, children and dogs in the foreground, framed - 6 1/2in. x 8 3/4in.

Lot No. 28
Oils on canvas - Street scene with figures, oils on canvas - Lake and mountain scene and oils - Continental coastal scene with fishing boats