Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1939. Sale Date: Tuesday 22nd August 2017

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Silver and Plate

Lot No. 84
A pair of Continental silver candlesticks with all over repousse floral decoration, one marked ABI to the base - 8in. high

Lot No. 85
A heavy engine turned silver cigarette case - Birmingham 1938, makers mark for Alexander Clark together with one other

Lot No. 86
A silver double handled sugar basin, a pair of sugar tongs, a shoe horn and button hook with silver handles, a Masons button hook and a silver plated hip flask

Lot No. 87
A silver pepperette in the form of a milk churn, one other, a napkin ring and an Elkington silver plated pepper mill

Lot No. 88
A cigar piercer in an engine turned silver case, a Continental silver coloured metal circular pill box with cupids to the lid, a silver rouge pot with engraved decoration - Birmingham 1922, makers mark for Adie and Lovekin Ltd., two miniature silver backed hand mirrors, a silver thimble and a silver plated cruet spoon

Lot No. 89
A silver pin cushion in the form of a pig - Birmingham 1907, makers mark for Adie and Lovekin

Lot No. 90
A large rectangular silver plated tray, a Victorian silver plated oval tray with key pattern and pierced border, scroll handles and a circular silver plated tray with pierced border

Lot No. 91
A silver bon bon dish of heart form with saw pierced and repousse decoration - Birmingham 1927, makers mark for Thomas Hayes, a silver bon bon dish of lobed form with saw pierced decoration, on three scroll feet - Birmingham 1922 and a silver coloured metal pin dish inset Maltese coin

Lot No. 92
A square silver ashtray - Chester 1912, makers mark for Stokes and Ireland, a Continental silver and glass teapot stand with import marks for Birmingham and a pair of silver desk candlesticks with beaded decoration

Lot No. 93
A sterling silver pedestal dish of fluted form

Lot No. 94
A pair of Irish silver trinket dishes with serrated edges hallmarked for Dublin 1971

Lot No. 95
A Continental silver bowl with serpentine edge and hammered decoration, inscribed to the base - 8in. dia.

Lot No. 96
A lady's hand mirror in engine turned silver, a clothes brush with silver back, a glass powder bowl with plain silver lid and a glass toilet jar with silver lid

Lot No. 97
A pair of silver napkin rings with engine turned decoration - Birmingham 1923, a case of six silver coffee spoons - Birmingham 1933, makers mark for Arthur Price, a set of six Continental silver coffee spoons with Maltese Cross terminals and four silver coffee spoons with bean terminals - Sheffield 1921

Lot No. 98
A set of six Victorian silver dessert spoons and forks with engraved decoration to the handles - London 1896, makers mark for Langley Archer West and Son

Lot No. 99
A pair of George III silver table forks - London 1807, makers mark for Richard Crosley and George Smith and a similar silver table fork - London 1835

Lot No. 100
A set of five Irish silver teaspoons with fiddle pattern handles - Dublin 1822 and a near matching spoon for Dublin 1835

Lot No. 101
An Irish silver cream ladle with fiddle pattern handles - Dublin 1827, a sterling silver spoon with bright cut decoration, a selection of silver spoons various, five fruit forks with silver covered handles and four tea knives with silver covered handles

Lot No. 102
A silver letter opener with chicken form terminal - London 1920, makers mark for Sampson Mordan & Co.

Lot No. 103
Plate comprising:- four branch candelabra, bottle coaster, dishes, wine funnel, knife rests, holder, nut crackers, glass claret jug, goblet with pierced bowl and female figure support, a rectangular silver plated entree dish and cover with gadroon decoration etc..

Lot No. 104
A selection of plated flatware including fiddle and Albany pattern, four berry spoons, table knives, pair of Victorian fish servers with engraved handles etc..

Lot No. 105
Plate comprising:- salver with hop and vine leaf border, similar bottle coaster, mustard, salt with saw pierced decoration, cake basket with saw pierced decoration etc..

Lot No. 106
A silver plated double handled trophy cup with embossed decoration, on square base with ball feet (converted to a samovar) - 16in. high

Lot No. 107
A set of four George III silver salts, rectangular with half fluted decoration, on four paw feet - London 1777, makers mark for Jonathan Allerne

Lot No. 108
A George III silver kitchen pepper pot - London 1776 - 4 1/4in. high

Lot No. 109
A George III silver sugar basket of oval fluted form, reeded swing handle gilt washed interior, engraved border of flowers, on oval scalloped base - London 1791, makers mark for Henry Chawner

Lot No. 110
A George II silver hot water jug of wrythen form - London 1757, makers mark for Lewis Herne and Francis Butty - 10 1/2in. high

Lot No. 111
A George III silver coffee pot with engraved coat of arms, acanthus leaf clad spout, half gadroon decoration, on circular foot - London 1761, makers mark for Whipham and Wright - 11 1/2in. high

Lot No. 112
A George III spinsters silver teapot with straight spout, chased decoration - London 1782, makers mark for William Vincent

Lot No. 113
A George III silver mug of baluster form with reeded band of decoration, leaf clad scroll handle - Chester 1771, makers mark for John Watson - 3 1/2in. high

Lot No. 114
A George II silver card tray with shaped border, family crest to the centre, on three pad feet - London 1735, makers mark for William Peaston - 9in. dia.

Lot No. 115
A pair of George III silver sauce boats with serrated edges, leaf clad scroll handles on three pad feet - London 1782, makers mark for Benjamin Mordecai and a silver cream ladle with gilt washed interior - London 1831

Lot No. 116
A George II silver porringer with half fluted decoration, engrave initials to the cartouche- London 1749, makers mark for Humphrey Payne (possibly later decorated) - 4in. high

Lot No. 117
A George III oval silver sugar basket, reeded swing handle, with engraved leaf border, vacant cartouche, on oval foot - London 1796, makers mark for John Wren

Lot No. 118
A George IV silver spinsters teapot of circular form, the hinged lid with flower form finial, on circular foot - London 1824, makers mark for Joseph Wilson (split to foot - repaired)

Lot No. 119
A George III silver christening mug with reeded bands of decoration, basket weave band to the base - London 1809, makers mark for Daniel Pontifex - 3 1/2in. high

Lot No. 120
A George III silver coffee pot with armorial crest to the body, acanthus leaf clad spout, on circular foot - London 1782, makers mark rubbed - 10in. high

Lot No. 121
A George III silver tea caddy of serpentine form, engraved decoration of flowers and leaves - London 1782, makers mark for William Cox (different makers mark to the lid) - 4in. high and 6in. wide

Lot No. 122
A set of six George III silver dessert spoons with engraved decoration - London 1789, makers mark for George Smith and William Fearn

Lot No. 123
A pair of Irish silver tablespoons, two silver tablespoons with rat tail pattern bowls, a Continental silver tablespoon, a tablespoon with shell decoration and one other

Lot No. 124
A Queen Anne silver taper stick of tapering panelled form, on octagonal base - London 1713 - 5in. high

Lot No. 125
A George II silver taper stick, on scalloped base - London 1745 - 4 1/2in. high

Lot No. 126
A Chinese cylindrical silver trinket box with all round decoration of chrysanthemums, makers mark for Tuckchang - 3 1/2in. dia. and 2 1/2in. high

Lot No. 127
A George III silver cushion shaped snuff box with basket weave and repousse decoration of flowers - Birmingham 1818, makers mark for Joseph Willmore - 3 1/4in. x 2in.

Lot No. 128
A George III silver nutmeg grater of cushion shape with reeded decoration , makers mark for Matthew Linwood - Birmingham 1807

Lot No. 129
A George III oval silver vinaigrette with bright cut decoration, initials to the cartouche, makers mark Solomon Hougham - London 1797

Lot No. 130
A George III silver purse shaped vinaigrette with buckle decoration and chain - London 1795

Lot No. 131
A George IV heavy silver vinaigrette with chased and engraved decoration, rectangular vacant cartouche to the lid - Birmingham 1795, makers mark for Thomas Shaw

Lot No. 132
A George III silver snuff box with tortoiseshell lid and gold banding, initialled gold cartouche - Birmingham 1802 (lid cracked)

Lot No. 133
A George III vinaigrette with engraved decoration, oval cartouche to the lid - Birmingham 1817, makers mark for John Bettridge

Lot No. 134
A George III silver vinaigrette with engine turned and chased decoration - Birmingham 1820, makers mark for T & WS

Lot No. 135
A George III silver vinaigrette with engraved decoration of flowers to the lid, vacant oval cartouche - Birmingham 1820, makers mark for Joseph Willmore

Lot No. 136
A heavy George IV silver gilt vinaigrette with engine turned decoration, engraved cartouche, chased border - Birmingham 1824, makers mark for Thomas Shaw

Lot No. 137
A Victorian silver vinaigrette with shipping scene to the base - London 1843, makers mark for Nathaniel Mills

Lot No. 138
A William IV silver vinaigrette with chased borders and engraved 'forget me not' to the cartouche - Birmingham 1826, makers mark for Nathaniel Mills

Lot No. 139
A William IV silver vinaigrette of cushion form with engraved initials MC to the lid - Birmingham 1833, makers mark for Thomas Spicer

Lot No. 140
A George III heavy silver vinaigrette with engine turned and floral chased border, engraved cartouche - Birmingham 1818, makers mark for Samuel Pemberton

Lot No. 141
A Victorian silver vinaigrette with scrolling edges, engraved decoration of leaf scrolls, vacant cartouche - Birmingham 1848, makers mark for Edward Smith

Lot No. 142
A Victorian silver gilt vinaigrette with shield shaped cartouche and chased borders - Birmingham 1842, makers mark for Gervase Wheeler

Lot No. 143
A William IV silver vinaigrette with engraved decoration of leaves to the lid, flower to the base, attached ring - Birmingham 1833 makers mark for Taylor and Perry

Lot No. 144
A Continental silver etui, pierced crown to the top, all over repousse decoration, patch box to the base

Lot No. 145
A Continental silver basket shaped trinket box with heart to the front and band of flowers

Lot No. 146
A Continental silver barrel form trinket box

Lot No. 147
A George IV plain silver octagonal nutmeg grater with leopard crest to the lid - London 1831, makers mark for William Kingdon - 2in. x 1 1/2in.

Lot No. 148
A small George III silver vinaigrette with punched decoration of flowers, rounded ends - engraved decoration - Birmingham 1811, makers mark for John Lawrence

Lot No. 149
A George III silver cushion shaped vinaigrette with engraved decoration - Birmingham 1825, makers mark for John Lawrence and Co.

Lot No. 150
A George IV silver snuff box with reeded sides and engine turned lid, vacant cartouche and floral decorated border - Birmingham 1829, makers mark for Taylor and Perry

Lot No. 151
A small silver octagonal vinaigrette with engraved 'AC' to the lid - hallmarked for Birmingham, mark unclear, makers mark S.P

Lot No. 152
A George III silver horseshoe shaped vinaigrette, the grill to shell and fish design - Birmingham 1810, makers mark for Cocks and Bettridge

Lot No. 153
Two Victorian silver tablespoons with fiddle pattern handles - London 1846 and 1853, makers mark for George Aldwinckle and a German Iron Cross dated 1939

Lot No. 154
A lady's silver coloured metal fine mesh evening purse in the form of a basket form chandelier

Lot No. 155
A Continental silver oval tobacco box, the lid with repousse decoration of figures including a violinist

Lot No. 156
A case of six silver coffee spoons - Sheffield 1926, makers mark for Cooper Bros and Sons together with two Continental pin cushion doll tops

Lot No. 157
A Georgian silver urn form castors, on square base - London 1800, makers mark for Crispin Fuller, a similar Victorian silver castor - London 1874, makers mark for Henry John Lias and Henry John Lias and one other large silver baluster form sugar castor on circular base - Birmingham 1938, makers mark for Deakin and Francis

Lot No. 158
A silver four piece silver tea service of panelled form comprising:- teapot, hot water jug, cream jug and sugar basin, on circular feet - Birmingham 1935 and 1936, makers mark for Adie Brothers

Lot No. 159
Plate comprising:- box of six napkin rings, flatware, two square tazzas, three piece preserve spoon, bread fork and butter knife, mug, chamberstick etc..

Lot No. 160
Plate comprising:- two oval entree dishes, pair of candlesticks, square tray, small Guernsey jug, double handled trophy cup etc..

Lot No. 161
A silver christening mug - Birmingham 1915, a Continental silver child's spoon and pusher, a child's hairbrush and comb mounted in Continental silver and a case of six silver and blue enamel coffee spoons - Sheffield 1903

Lot No. 162
A WMF silver plated cup with embossed decoration, a magnifying glass with silver handle, a silver plated ladle and a selection of plated flatware

Lot No. 163
A Georgian silver helmet shaped cream jug on square base - London 1802 - 5in. high

Lot No. 164
A Georgian design silver cream jug and double handled sucrier with engraved band of decoration - Chester 1907 and 1908, makers marks for George Nathan and Ridley Hayes

Lot No. 165
A set of six silver coffee spoons, cased and a cased set of twelve pairs of fish knives and forks with silver ferrules

Lot No. 166
A selection of ten silver spoons, various dates and patterns, a silver thimble, pair of silver sugar tongs etc..

Lot No. 167
A silver three piece tea service with half gadroon decoration comprising:- teapot, cream jug and sugar basin - Sheffield 1903 and 1904, makers mark for John Round and Son Ltd and a later near matching coffee pot - Sheffield 1914, makers mark for Robert Pringle and Sons

Lot No. 168
A set of eleven George IV silver Kings pattern spoons - London 1823, makers mark for Burridge Davenport

Lot No. 169
A Victorian silver sauce ladle - London 1868, a pickle fork with silver handle and a small selection of silver teaspoons various

Lot No. 170
An oak case of six pairs of silver plated fish knives and forks, one other case of fish knives and forks, a silver plated trophy cup, sugar hod, hot water jug, egg cup, christening set, a silver thimble, embroidered silks case, scissors etc..

Lot No. 171
A case of six silver coffee spoons and sugar tongs - Sheffield 1917, makers mark for Roberts and Dore

Lot No. 172
A case of six pairs of silver dessert knives and forks with ivory style handles - Sheffield 1912, makers mark for James Dixon and Sons

Lot No. 173
A child's silver pusher and spoon, in fitted case, a silver christening spoon and fork in fitted case - Birmingham 1923, an engine turned silver napkin ring and two glass vases with silver rims

Lot No. 174
A case of six silver gilt teaspoons with Apostle terminals and matching tongs - Birmingham 1896, makers mark for George Unite

Lot No. 175
A silver plated model of a soldier, on ebonised plinth - 11in. high and 13 1/2in. overall

Lot No. 176
A plain silver tazza with circular top, on pedestal base - Sheffield 1914

Lot No. 177
A Georgian design silver coffee pot of baluster form with swag and paterae decoration, on circular foot - London 1911, makers mark for Stokes and Ireland Ltd. - 7 3/4in. high

Lot No. 178
A selection of silver plated items including a compressed spherical teapot, twin branch candelabra, hot water jug, sugar castor, spill vases etc..

Lot No. 179
A George IV silver tablespoon with fiddle pattern handle - London 1824, a panelled glass toilet jar with silver lid, two silver napkin rings and a selection of spoons