Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1970. Sale Date: Tuesday 13th November 2018

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Porcelain, Pottery and China

Lot No. 125
A large Chinese blue and white shallow dish decorated all over with flowers - 16in. dia.

Lot No. 126
Two Royal Doulton figures - The Lobster Man HN2317 and Patricia HN1431 (af)

Lot No. 127
Two Royal Doulton figures - The Orange Lady HN1953 and Old Balloon Seller HN1315

Lot No. 128
A selection of decorative china and glass including a large grey shire horse, a Wedgwood urn form vase, a Coalport model of Basil Brush - Basil The Artist, a large Poole Pottery penguin in blue and black, an Aynsley flower encrusted bowl, a Swarovski style butterfly, a small glass basket, a Cottage Ware butter dish, a USSR model of a Spaniel etc..

Lot No. 129
A Royal Doulton London Olympics 2012 figure - Diving, boxed

Lot No. 130
A C.H Brannam pottery baluster form vase, green glazed - 19in. high

Lot No. 131
A selection of Royal Crown Derby Derby Posies teawares comprising:- teapot, cream jug, sugar basin, two cups, two saucers, two tea plates, butter dish, knife and pin tray

Lot No. 132
A pair of 19th Century Staffordshire figures, male and female, he with a basket of fruit and she with a basket of fruit and a dove - 14in. high

Lot No. 133
A Villeroy and Boch part dinner service - Petite Fleur pattern comprising:- four dinner and four dessert plates, four soup bowls, two tureens and covers, meat plate, two graduated jugs and a gravy boat on integral stand

Lot No. 134
A Paragon Tree of Kashmir pattern tea service comprising:- six cups, six saucers, six tea plates, sandwich plate, bread and butter plate, cream jug and sugar basin

Lot No. 135
Two Royal Doulton figures - General Robert E Lee HN3404, no.416 and General Ulysses S Grant HN3403, no. 470, in fitted boxes, each with certificates

Lot No. 136
A Victorian blue and white jug printed flowers, a Naples flower encrusted centre piece, on flower encrusted base and a Wedgwood blue jasper cheese dish and cover

Lot No. 137
A Burleigh charger - Dick Turpin - 16in. dia. and a Clarice Cliff style charger decorated in the Rhodante style - 18in. dia.

Lot No. 138
Four Royal Doulton limited edition Art Deco figures - Wisdom, Destiny, Optimism and Ecstasy, in original boxes

Lot No. 139
A pair of Shelley lustre vases with flared necks decorated flowers - 13in. high, a Goldsheider pottery tablelamp base in the form of a lady in a green dress and a Myott spherical ribbed vase, yellow decorated orange flowers - 8in. high

Lot No. 140
A Lladro figure of a nude female holding a white dove - 14in. high

Lot No. 141
A Royal Dux model of a cockatoo - 14in. high

Lot No. 142
A Chinese Suantouping vase decorated in blue and white vase converted to a tablelamp (cracked)

Lot No. 143
A selection of decorative china including a Coalport comport and three plates, lilac decorated flowers, eggshell china part coffee service, Adderley cream jug, blue and white items including meat plate, jug, cup and saucer, plates, majolica comport etc..

Lot No. 144
A Royal Albert Old Country Rose pattern tea service

Lot No. 145
A 19th Century Chinese vase with shaped handles decorated flowers and figures in pink and blue and a Cantonese bowl decorated all round with insects, flowers etc.. (both af)

Lot No. 146
A Wedgwood blue jasper salad bowl with plated rim complete with servers, three 19th Century Masons ironstone plates decorated in the Oriental taste, a Losol Ware plate decorated in the Oriental taste, a Wedgwood plate depicting Massachusetts General Hospital, a Wedgwood plate commemorating Shakespeare's characters, a Victorian French plate decorated with a bird, a Chinese blue glazed model of a duck, a white glazed shell, a Dubarry glass trinket bowl with pink pottery flower decorated lid, a studio wall pocket decorated leaves, three pieces of glass etc..

Lot No. 147
A Lladro group of two ducks in flight - 12in. high

Lot No. 148
A Lladro matt group of three angels singing - 7 1/2in. high

Lot No. 149
Three Lladro models of angels

Lot No. 150
A selection of miniature decorative china including Limoges cabaret set, plaques, trinket boxes etc..

Lot No. 151
Two Royal Doulton figures - Song Of The Sea and The Lobster Man

Lot No. 152
A Royal Doulton figure - Daydreams and a Coalport figure - Fiona

Lot No. 153
Two Royal Doulton figures - Taking Things Easy and The Helmsman

Lot No. 154
A Royal Doulton character jug - Sir Winston Churchill

Lot No. 155
A selection of decorative china including two Melba character jugs - Mr Punch and Tale Teller, a resin figure of Venus, a ditto of a lady in Art Deco style dress, a Limoges powder bowl and cover, a pair of similar vases, plates, boat shaped vase with cupid decoration, cupid candle holder, ducks etc..

Lot No. 156
Eight modern blanc de chine figures of Chinese musicians, a Staffordshire style group - The Broken Bottle, Naples figures, a flower and bird encrusted group, cupids etc..

Lot No. 157
A pair of German spherical lidded vases with pierced necks and lids, cream ground decorated leaves and flowers - 12 1/2in. high and a Parian figure of a male peasant - 13in. high

Lot No. 158
Two Royal Doulton character jugs - Johann Strauss and Handel

Lot No. 159
Three Royal Doulton character jugs - Bacchus, Pearly Queen and North American Indian

Lot No. 160
A Poole Pottery dolphin, two seals and an otter, a Falconware character jug, other character jugs and four Toby jugs

Lot No. 161
Four Goebel figures of a chimney sweep, angel candle holder, girl with lute and boy with Gladstone bag

Lot No. 162
Three Royal Doulton figures - Old Balloon Seller, Biddy Penny Farthing and Balloon Man

Lot No. 163
An English floral decorated tea service, a Wedgwood blue and white dinner service, a Japanese Imari pattern coffee service, a 19th Century Imari pattern tea service etc..

Lot No. 164
An extensive Royal Worcester Lavinia pattern dinner and breakfast service comprising:- six dinner, six dessert, six cheese and six tea plates, meat plate, six soup cups and stands, sauce boat and stand, two tureens and covers, six coffee cans and saucers, six breakfast cups and saucers, six tea cups and saucers, teapot, cream jug, sugar basin and six egg cups

Lot No. 165
A collection of Continental cabbage leaf pattern wares including bowls, cruets, two sauce tureens and covers etc..

Lot No. 166
Two Goebel models of birds and four Beswick models of birds including a wren and a robin

Lot No. 167
Two Royal Worcester Hadley mould figures - Irish Man and John Bull - 7 1/2in. high

Lot No. 168
A selection of decorative china including a 19th Century Spode cup and saucer painted roses and gilt leaves, a flower encrusted bowl, a Coalport Silver Jubilee pot and cover, Wedgwood Nautilus pattern plate, four busts of composers, German liqueur set, tankard, plates, blue and white tureen and cover, 19th Century etc..

Lot No. 169
A Beswick brown gloss model of a foal, a Royal Doulton figure - December Turquoise, Victorian bisque piano baby, Wade Whimsies, Beswick figure of Jeremy Fisher, two bisque models of chicks etc..

Lot No. 170
A Susie Cooper Poppy pattern part coffee service comprising:- six cups and saucers and two coffee pots

Lot No. 171
A Royal Albert Crown China tea service comprising:- twelve cups, twelve saucers, twelve tea plates, cream jug, sugar basin and two bread and butter plates

Lot No. 172
A Royal Worcester part breakfast service, white with blue trailing leaf border and a white glazed part coffee service

Lot No. 173
A Chinese vase decorated figures in reserves, flowers and exotic birds - 14 1/2in. high (af)

Lot No. 174
An 18th Century Derby group of three ladies including one with a bow and cupid around a leaf encrusted trunk, patch marks to the base - 16in. dia. (af)

Lot No. 175
Two antique Delft tin glazed plates in blue and white depicting flowers - 9 1/4in. dia., a Japanese plate with raised decoration of flowers - 11 1/4in. dia. and a Beatles plate -7in. dia.

Lot No. 176
Two miniature Doulton stoneware beakers for Nelson, a matching jug - 1 3/4in. high, a miniature Doulton tyg and mug decorated Toby, one other miniature Doulton mug, a miniature Doulton stoneware hotwater bottle and two miniature Doulton flagons

Lot No. 177
A Wedgwood Florentine pattern part tea service comprising:- nine cups, nine saucers, nine tea plates, bread plate, milk jug, teapot and sugar basin

Lot No. 178
A Moorcroft bowl, yellow ground decorated lilies - 8 1/2in. dia. and a small pottery jug, yellow ground decorated red flowers

Lot No. 179
A modern painted pottery tile - Cottage and figures, framed - 8in. square