Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1962. Sale Date: Tuesday 24th July 2018

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Objects D'art, Collectors Items, Copper, Brass, Bronzes and Metal Wares

Lot No. 196
A pair of Great Western Railway brass and glass mounted wall lights, a pair of hardwood models of elephants, a resin elephant on stand etc..

Lot No. 197
Three walking sticks with carved decoration, one with antler form handle and one with horn style handle

Lot No. 198
Two leather shot bags, a shotgun gun safety wire, and a Cannochy rapid load leather shotgun cartridge case

Lot No. 199
Two Webley air pistols

Lot No. 200
A Penn Fishing Tackle Senator fishing reel and a Walker Bampton and Co. Alnwick fishing reel

Lot No. 201
A Brown Aberdeen fishing reel in leather case, an Alex Martin fishing reel and a Record Rullen fishing reel, boxed

Lot No. 202
A brown leather fishing bag containing a selection of flies etc..

Lot No. 203
A Victorian mantel clock by J Hardy and Co. Aberdeen, gilt dial, in a black slate case with brass pilasters

Lot No. 204
A copper fire extinguisher, four Westclox clocks, a Seiko mantel clock, boxed and a kinetic mantel clock

Lot No. 205
A camera bag containing a selection of lenses and a silver flight case containing a selection of camera lenses

Lot No. 206
Two African tribal spears and a woven tribal basket

Lot No. 207
Six Halcyon Days enamel trinket boxes

Lot No. 208
A Bulova mantel clock in a brass and bevelled glass case, complete with box

Lot No. 209
A gilded spelter Art Deco tablelamp in the form of a lady, on white alabaster base, complete with pink spherical glass shade

Lot No. 210
A table top gramophone in a red case

Lot No. 211
An Edwardian mantel clock with silvered dial, striking movement, in an oak case with dome shaped top

Lot No. 212
A Japanese bronze vase decorated with carp and gold splashes - 8 1/2in. high

Lot No. 213
A pair of antique bronze pewter spoon moulds - 8 1/2in. long

Lot No. 214
Four graduated Eastern brass trays, a copper warming pan with turned wood handle and a lady's weekend case

Lot No. 215
A pair of Chinese silkwork sleeves with embroidered decoration of dragons chasing flaming pearls, framed and glazed - 33 1/2in. x 4 1/4in.

Lot No. 216
A Tibetan bronze bust of a Buddha - 5 1/2in. high

Lot No. 217
A 19th Century brass full circular protractor by wood Late Abraham 20 Lord Street Liverpool, in a mahogany case

Lot No. 218
A Viennese leather jewellery case with scroll decoration, silver mounted corner, signed August Klein

Lot No. 219
A collection of early 20th Century Burmese lacquer finely decorated with flowers on red, gold and black ground

Lot No. 220
A pair of carved marble dogs of Fo - 5in. high and two Eastern brass and white metal plates

Lot No. 221
A selection of slide rules, geometry set, rulers etc..

Lot No. 222
A Leica Luftwaffe camera no.945484, in leather case

Lot No. 223
A Leica Kriegsmarine camera no.10106, lens no.5921608, in leather case

Lot No. 224
A Leica camera no.225659, lens no.228052, in leather case

Lot No. 225
A Leica M2 camera no.1013337, lens no.1614336, in leather case

Lot No. 226
A Leica camera patent no.8665, serial number 308050, in leather case, lens no.248309 (replacement strap)

Lot No. 227
A Fed4 camera no.8600966, lens no.8603011, in leather case

Lot No. 228
Two Leica lenses no.1498714 and 1598240, two Leica light meters, a Leica accessory guide, a Leica pocket book and a Leica film case

Lot No. 229
A Leica Minox M35.0 camera, serial no.89014746, boxed

Lot No. 230
A Leica M9 camera, a Carl Zeiss lens no.15859923 etc..

Lot No. 231
A Leica D-Lux camera no.2893300 with accessories (no leads)

Lot No. 232
A lady's handbag, green beaded decoration and a lady's paste set evening bag

Lot No. 233
A collection of keys mounted on a board

Lot No. 234
A selection of car badges, car magazines etc..

Lot No. 235
A Royal Ensign flag, mounted and a Union flag, mounted

Lot No. 236
A gilt metal model of a boy on a camel, on clear glass base - 6in. high

Lot No. 237
A pair of binoculars, an album of coins, a bronzed model of the Little Mermaid, a long playing record The Worlds Greatest Jazz Band signed by Yank Lawson, a copper kettle, an onyx tablelamp base etc..

Lot No. 238
An Eversharp propelling pencil in a gold filled case, in original fitted box. a Parker pen and pencil set, boxed and a selection of other pens various

Lot No. 239
A World Wide Arms Second pattern Luftwaffe dagger and a small Kukri knife

Lot No. 240
A World Wide Arms B70 NAZI Police Pattern K98 Parade Bayonet

Lot No. 241
A World Wide Arms 19th Century style French sword

Lot No. 242
A leather Gladstone bag, a large brass charger, an Eastern copper pot and a brass warming pan with turned wood handle

Lot No. 243
A split cane fishing rod and two other fishing rods, all in canvas bags

Lot No. 244
A Hardy Silex Major fishing reel - 3 3/4in.

Lot No. 245
A Hardy Silex Major fishing reel - 3 1/2in.

Lot No. 246
A Hardy Silex Major 1924 fishing model reel in Hardy brown leather case

Lot No. 247
A Hardy Perfect fishing reel in Hardy brown leather case

Lot No. 248
A Hardy Perfect 2 7/8 fishing reel in a cloth bag

Lot No. 249
A Hardy Perfect 3 3/8 fishing reel in cloth bag

Lot No. 250
A Hardy St George 3 3/8 fishing reel

Lot No. 251
A Hardy St George 3 3/8 fishing reel

Lot No. 252
A Hardy St George fishing reel

Lot No. 253
A Hardy Perfect fly fishing reel - 3 3/8

Lot No. 254
A Hardy Perfect fly fishing reel 3 1/8

Lot No. 255
A Hardy St George 3 3/8 fishing reel

Lot No. 256
A Hardy Patent Alnwick fishing reel in brown leather case

Lot No. 257
A leather gun case impressed to the lid Michael Newell, Romsley

Lot No. 258
A Watson 'Service' microscope in brass and black lacquer, four extra lenses, complete with wooden carrying box and a small box containing microscope slides

Lot No. 259
A quantity of biscuit tins including Huntley and Palmer