Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1939. Sale Date: Tuesday 22nd August 2017

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Objects D'art, Collectors Items, Copper, Brass, Bronzes and Metal Wares

Lot No. 284
A salmon fly fishing reel, two Allcock Aerial bakelite centre pin course fishing reels and two modern trout fly reels

Lot No. 285
Two Mitchell model 756 fly fishing reels, a Michell 710 automatic fly reel with spare spool

Lot No. 286
Two Berkley trout fly fishing reels and three Shakespeare trout fly reels

Lot No. 287
Four modern tout fly fishing rods

Lot No. 288
A collection of early 20th Century French Legion D'Honneur enamel medals in leather and other cases

Lot No. 289
Five early 20th Century torches and bicycle lamps

Lot No. 290
An early Roberts Model R200 portable radio in a red leatherette case, a portable Remington typewriter and an adjustable brass lamp

Lot No. 291
A 19th Century leather 'hidden box' fashioned from a French leather bound book together with two small red leather boxes

Lot No. 292
An early 20th Century large oak chessboard

Lot No. 293
A long silver metal topped walking cane, an early 20th Century walking cane with gold metal mount inscribed 'Boy-Boy 22nd Dec 1913' by Ben Cox

Lot No. 294
A box containing a quantity of trout fly fishing equipment including flies

Lot No. 295
A miniature model of a violin, two glass cameos, a glass palm tree, a glass angel, three blue glass pin dishes with intaglio decoration, medals, painted metal model of an owl, bell etc..

Lot No. 296
A mantel clock with white enamel dial, retailed in Dublin, striking movement on a gong, in a red Buhl Rococo style case, complete with red stand - 17in. high and 19 3/4in. high overall

Lot No. 297
A relique with lace work decoration and Saints names to the border, in an oval gilt frame

Lot No. 298
A Victorian rosewood toilet box, the lid with inset mother of pearl cartouche, the interior fitted two glass toilet jars with plated lids, drawer to the base - 12in. wide

Lot No. 299
A Le Roman De La Rose machine made wall hanging depicting medieval lady and gentleman together with flowers, apes, birds, dogs etc.. - 46in. x 36in.

Lot No. 300
A machine made wall hanging depicting a Medieval lady and gentleman and flowers, gold and white border - 72in.x 52in.

Lot No. 301
A machine made wall hanging depicting a landscape scene with castle and trees, gold woven border - 76in. x 52in.

Lot No. 302
A 19th Century walnut and brass bound writing box with black and gilt tooled leather writing surface - 13 3/4in. wide

Lot No. 303
A mahogany box, a Victorian box with mother of pearl cartouche, a brass warming pan and a mantel clock in a swept oak case

Lot No. 304
A tortoiseshell snuff box with gold snake decoration - 3 1/2in. wide

Lot No. 305
A General Service medal with South Arabia bar awarded to 23969413 Lance Corporal J Fletcher Coldstream Guards

Lot No. 306
A chromium plated model of a seaplane on base - 10 1/2in. high

Lot No. 307
A chrome bar fitted with five car badges comprising:- AA, British Caravan Club, Camping Club, St Christopher and Veteran Motorists 25 badge

Lot No. 308
A modern mantel clock with circular dial, in a mahogany and inlaid case, on bun feet - 12 3/4in. high

Lot No. 310
Three oak cased mantel clocks, two in walnut cases, an Ansonia clock in a mahogany finished case, an American mantel clock case and movement and three other mantel clocks in swept oak cases

Lot No. 311
An Edwardian mantel clock with silvered dial, in a mahogany case with lion mask ring handles, an oak cased mantel clock and three others

Lot No. 312
A mantel clock in a mahogany case, a mantel clock with white enamel dial, in a black marble case, three other mantel clocks in oak cases and a brass ships clock

Lot No. 313
An Edwardian mantel clock in a mahogany balloon shaped case, four other clocks, two brass clock cases and selection of movements

Lot No. 314
A 19th Century rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid sewing box, the base with drawer fitted black and gold tooled leather writing surface - 12in. wide

Lot No. 315
A 19th Century coromandel wood and brass bound travelling writing box, the interior with black and gold tooled leather writing surface

Lot No. 316
An Art Deco style tablelamp base in the form of a semi clad female, on stepped base - 25 1/2in. high

Lot No. 317
A brass and wire two section letter rack, a modern cinnabar ginger jar and cover - 8 1/2in. high, a sprayed spelter figure - Le Soir - 11in. high, a Chinese style lazy susan with gilded dragon form centre support - 17 1/2in. high etc..

Lot No. 318
A quantity of silver and other coins

Lot No. 319
A pair of military binoculars in leather case, phone card collection etc..

Lot No. 320
An oval tin hat box containing a straw boater and two lady's hats including a photograph, one other blue hat box, a wall hanging and a christening gown

Lot No. 321
Five copper and brass ewers and a copper lidded jug

Lot No. 322
A leather covered cash box, the interior fitted for gold, silver, memo and cash - 5 1/2in. x 2 1/4in. x 4 1/2in. and a selection of commemorative coins including American Eagle Silver dollar, a Festival of Britain crown, two American gilt twenty dollar coins etc..

Lot No. 323
A Victorian mantel clock with white enamel dial decorated swags, in a rouge marble case with bronze figural surmount - 11in. high

Lot No. 324
A small gilt metal decorated trinket box in the form of a trunk and a selection of RAF dress buttons