Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1970. Sale Date: Tuesday 13th November 2018

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Objects D'art, Collectors Items, Copper, Brass, Bronzes and Metal Wares

Lot No. 261
A French single lever corkscrew Le Presto

Lot No. 262
Elton John. Boxed set of 5 vinyl long playing records with poster, With The Beatles Mono and Jeff Wayne The War Of The Worlds

Lot No. 263
An Order Of Isabella The Catholic Grand Cross Star and matching 3rd class neck badge, both in silver gilt and enamel

Lot No. 264
A silver gilt and enamel Serbian Order of St Sava Officers Class IV neck badge

Lot No. 265
A Spanish 1902-1931 Civil Order of Alfonso XII Grand Cross in enamel and silver gilt

Lot No. 266
An Edwardian mantel clock with silvered dial, in a mahogany and satinwood line inlaid case, on pill feet - 10in. high

Lot No. 267
A Japanese ivory netsuke in the form of three devils, red seal mark to the base - 2in. high and 2 1/4in. wide

Lot No. 268
An 18th Century Bilston enamel pocket watch form snuff box

Lot No. 269
A brass Menorah, cigarette box with inlaid decoration, carved African pots, carriage clock, binoculars, two fishing reels etc..

Lot No. 270
A Hornby Side Tipping Wagon with Sir Robert Mcalpine livery, in original box together with a selection of other toys, annuals including Beano 1969, Man From Uncle, Noddy, Eagle comics, Tiger Annual 1969, Tom and Jerry 1979 etc..

Lot No. 271
An ABU Ambassadeur 9000 fishing reel and an ABU Ambassadeur 6500C fishing reel in fitted case

Lot No. 272
A pair of spelter figures, male and female, on turned base - 18in. high

Lot No. 273
A Chinese embroidered silk jacket, trousers, shoes and hat and a lady's hat with fruit decoration

Lot No. 274
A Heubach Koppelsdorf doll with bisque head, closing eyes, open mouth and teeth, dressed, a doll with closing eyes, open mouth and teeth, blond hair, dressed, a ditto in purple velvet and a selection of other dolls various

Lot No. 275
A chicken automation

Lot No. 276
A pair of gilded spelter tablelamps, the bases in the form of two ladies in classical dress - 22in. high

Lot No. 277
A pair of Victorian style gilded candelabras in the form of white glass flowers, gilded flowers and leaves - 26 1/4in. high

Lot No. 278
A modern green hardstone carved Koro and cover with ring handles, on Dog of Fo form feet, on hardwood stand - 17in. high

Lot No. 279
A French clock garniture, the clock with cream enamel dial, in a bevelled glass and onyx case and a pair of matching side urns

Lot No. 280
A selection of brass icons, African plaques with raised decoration and a mid 19th Century pewter dish - 10in. dia.

Lot No. 281
Two Victorian brass oil lamps with cranberry coloured glass reservoirs (one af), two large glass brandy balloons, a pottery tablelamp, turquoise decorated all round with figures and a small selection of coffee wares

Lot No. 282
An Art Nouveau gilded and resin model of a lady with a hoop, on a marble base - 8 1/2in. high

Lot No. 283
A selection of decorative items including a large carved lidded pot, painted gourd, D Day 50 years commemorative tin, miniature folding screen, two 'bronzed' mice, carved wooden figures etc..

Lot No. 284
A model of an 18th Century war ship under full sail

Lot No. 285
A wooden box with studded decoration containing a selection of toys, resin elephant group etc..

Lot No. 286
A painted wood model of a removal lorry in green, two enamel lidded storage jars in blue, a circular wooden vase and an oval plaque with chromium plated image of a submarine in relief

Lot No. 287
A 1950's green and metal studded suitcase, a black metal tool box, a brown leather briefcase, a blue suitcase and one other suitcase

Lot No. 288
A Texaco Old Times Collection Service Station Replica 1940 and eight Oil Delivery Pick Ups, all boxed

Lot No. 289
A Junghams mantel clock with circular dial, in a walnut finished case - 16in. high and a Continental blue glazed pottery clock garniture

Lot No. 290
A selection of copper and brass including jelly mould, gong, kettle, jugs, trivet, ashtrays, an ostrich egg, pair of binoculars, musical decanter, miniature tortoiseshell covered mandolin etc..

Lot No. 291
Two pairs of Steiff hedgehogs - Mecki and Mucki

Lot No. 292
Two Steiff models of Pekinese dogs, a ditto of a cat, a ditto of a tortoise and a ditto of a fish

Lot No. 293
A chrome bar with RAC, AA, St Christopher and a Welsh car badge, one other RAC and AA badge and an auto altimeter in a chrome case

Lot No. 294
A group of four Second World War medals awarded to G.H Powell Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service comprising:- 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, War and Defence medals, three black and white photographs and two silver plated pin dishes with S.S Oxfordshire insignia

Lot No. 295
A small musical box containing a selection of First World War Welsh Guards uniform buttons, cap badge, copy of owner's call up papers etc..

Lot No. 296
A Victorian rosewood sewing box, a silver plated hot water jug, silver plated jug, two decanter labels and a small collection of military uniform buttons

Lot No. 297
A selection of photographic equipment including developing trays

Lot No. 298
An ivory trinket box with pierced and carved decoration of coiling dragons, on ball feet - 5in. x 3 1/4in. x 2in.

Lot No. 299
A Japanese carved ivory group of a seated male figure and a devil - 3in. high

Lot No. 300
Two First World War Victory medals awarded to 19736 Pte J.R Wiles East Yorkshire Regiment and Lieut B.E Tompson, a 1951 Festival of Britain crown, boxed, a bronzed Jewish Orphanage commemorative medallion for 2nd June 1953, boxed, a Canadian dollar and three other Canadian coins

Lot No. 301
The Fourth Circulating Coinage Portrait Finial Edition and The Fifth Circulating Coinage Portrait First Edition

Lot No. 302
An S Mordan propelling pen and pencil in a 9ct. gold case and two propelling pencils in gold coloured metal cases

Lot No. 303
A large Art Deco French spelter figure of a timber feller, on a heavy marble and onyx base - 22in. high and 28in. wide