Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1949. Sale Date: Tuesday 23rd January 2018

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Objects D'art, Collectors Items, Copper, Brass, Bronzes and Metal Wares

Lot No. 268
A pair of First World War medals awarded to G -23730 Pte W Bowles R.W Kent Regiment together with a United Nations Korea medal and Korea medal awarded to C/SMX 834575 N. Bowles L.WTR R.N

Lot No. 269
A set of four bowling woods, an Olympus camera, a Yashica camera in case etc..

Lot No. 270
A collection of London Marathon medals

Lot No. 271
A Japanese Meiji period bronze incense burner in the form of a crane on a lily pad - 18in. high

Lot No. 272
A selection of fountain pens including Conway Stewart 388, Curzon Ltd The Pinnacle etc..

Lot No. 273
Three vintage Smiths car clocks

Lot No. 274
A Georgian part drawing set in a black shagreen covered case

Lot No. 275
A Chinese rosewood box with all over carved decoration of dragons, mons and flowers - 13in. x 7 1/2in. x 4in.

Lot No. 276
A Chinese bronze desk weight in the form of two figures, a fish and fishing net - 3in. high and an oil lamp in the form of a parrot - 6 1/2in. high

Lot No. 277
A Bassett Lowke model steam engine

Lot No. 278
A Victorian tortoiseshell covered visiting card case, three fruit knives with mother of pearl handles and silver blades, a small 19th Century black papier mache snuff box and three thimbles

Lot No. 279
A small suitcase containing a selection of Triang railway items, some boxed and a small selection of model cars

Lot No. 280
Three brass long handled fire implements

Lot No. 281
A rectangular mahogany tray with glass inset and pierced plated border, an oval mirror in a gilt frame, a papier mache candle snuffer tray with gold painted decoration, a 19th Century papier mache box, a cribbage board, a toffee hammer, a compass, playing cards etc..

Lot No. 282
A Japanese black lacquered panel decorated in mother of pearl with bird and flowers, seal mark - 29 1/2in. x 16in.

Lot No. 283
Two brass jugs, brass basket, bellows, trays etc..

Lot No. 284
A Cloisonne dish, black decorated butterflies - 12in. dia., a circular stained glass panel, a pewter measure, lace fan, horn beaker, bronze mortar etc..

Lot No. 285
A postman's alarm clock with cream enamel dial, octagonal case with painted, incised and mother of pearl decoration (af) and a carriage clock with white floral painted dial, in a brass and glass case (af)

Lot No. 286
A ten shilling note and a selection of coins various

Lot No. 287
An Edwardian mantel clock with silvered dial, the dial marked Laine of Paris striking movement on a bell, in a rosewood and inlaid Rococo style case - 9 1/2in. high

Lot No. 288
A bronze and ivory study entitled Iphigenia depicting a semi nude classical female in an off the shoulder dress, standing before rocks, on a black variegated marble base, signed Ferdinand Preiss - 12in. high

Lot No. 289
A stained ivory chess set (af) in a backgammon box

Lot No. 290
A William Crawford and Son biscuit tin in the form of a stationery box, the domed lid decorated figures, the front with paterae decoration, a set of pocket scales and an antique snuff box

Lot No. 291
Two silk saris, table cloths etc..

Lot No. 292
A carriage clock with pink and gold porcelain dial and side panels, French striking and repeating movement on a bell, in a brass and bevelled glass case - 5 1/4in. high

Lot No. 293
A stuffed trout in a curved black case with gold decoration - Shutoke September 14th 1904 weight 2 1/2lbs - 23 1/2in. x 12in.

Lot No. 294
A late 19th Century Indian walking cane, the top carved to lions

Lot No. 295
A French hand painted fan by J Duveilory with mother of pearl sticks and guards, on in a red velvet box

Lot No. 296
Two brass and leather bound four draw telescopes

Lot No. 297
A 19th Century musical box playing twelve airs in a rosewood, ebonised and marquetry inlaid case with bird and flowers to the lid - 20 1/2in. wide

Lot No. 298
A selection of copper coins, two shilling coins, four 2012 commemorative �5 coins and a selection of bank notes

Lot No. 299
A selection of pre 47 and pre 21 silver three penny coins, shillings, six pences etc..

Lot No. 300
A group of three Second World War medals including a France and Germany star, 1939-45 Star and War medal

Lot No. 301
A pair of Nimy Belgian Imperial Porcelain Art Deco pale blue crackle glazed bookends in the form of monkeys - 8 1/4in. high

Lot No. 302
A Victorian ivory card case with gold coloured metal cartouche and a Victorian tortoiseshell veneered and mother of pearl card case with engraved flowers and leaves

Lot No. 303
Two Victorian tortoiseshell covered visiting card cases

Lot No. 304
A Victorian mother of pearl and tortoiseshell veneered card case and one other Victorian tortoiseshell veneered card case with mother of pearl floral inlaid decoration

Lot No. 305
An enamel 'No Smoking' sign, two copper warming pans, fishing rods, copper kettle, copper tray and a set of golf clubs

Lot No. 306
A set of dominoes, a selection of chrome flatware, a canteen of chrome flatware, a Roberts radio etc..

Lot No. 307
An acoustic guitar

Lot No. 308
A modern carriage clock with white enamel dial, in a brass and glass case, a pair of Cloisonne panelled vases, blue decorated figures, a simulated tortoiseshell cigarette case, a trinket box, two pewter mugs, soapstone owl, oil lamp, doll with bisque head etc..

Lot No. 309
A Jaeger Le Coultre Atmos clock in a brass and glass case (front door missing), complete with travelling case

Lot No. 310
A Cantonese carved wood card case depicting many figures, trees and buildings, with original fabric covered outer box with retailers label for 'Leeching, Gold and Silver Smith Dealer in Ivoryware Tortoiseshell, Mother of Pearl Seals'

Lot No. 311
A 19th Century walnut writing box with domed lid, purple interior with two ink bottles - 18 3/4in. wide

Lot No. 312
A pair of oak candlesticks with barley twist columns, on circular bases, a mantel clock in an oak case, a Poole Pottery flower trough, model cars etc..

Lot No. 313
A selection of toys including Beanie Babies