Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1962. Sale Date: Tuesday 24th July 2018

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Lot No. 137
A cranberry decanter, cranberry jug and a vaseline spill vase with wrythen column

Lot No. 138
A Moser Karlsbad purple faceted vase, the gilt cameo strip across the middle featuring ancient female fighters and a similar scent bottle

Lot No. 139
A liqueur set with flower encrusted decoration, matching coffee cups and saucers, cranberry pin trays and three wines

Lot No. 140
A Murano model of a cockerel - 11in. high

Lot No. 141
Two 18th Century wines, each with folded foot - 5 1/4in. high

Lot No. 142
A pair of Waterford 'Love Flutes' and a mantel clock in a Waterford glass case

Lot No. 143
A cranberry bowl and jug, a vase with slice cut decoration, a decanter with cut and frosted decoration, a preserve jar, cream jug and two blue/green dishes