Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1955. Sale Date: Tuesday 17th April 2018

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Collectable Toys

Lot No. 273
A Sutcliffe tinplate 'Unda-Wunda' clockwork diving submarine in pale blue in original box with key

Lot No. 274
A Schuco tinplate red bodied Patent Ingenico 5300 clockwork car with bakelite trailer (unboxed) (overall G) together with various Schuco spares, steering wheel, control wire and wooden traffic signs, a matching cream coloured car body and a Schuco 1073 Ferrari Formel 2 320PS

Lot No. 275
A German DRGM tinplate field gun (P) together with another (unmarked) and a wooden model of a canoe

Lot No. 276
A Tri-ang Bedford series red bodied tinplate large scale tow truck with disc wheels (P

Lot No. 277
A set of ten early 20th century pedal car wheels with rubber tyres and metal red disc hubs

Lot No. 278
A Western models Duesenberg (WMS24) with cream body and box end flap (G) together with a Western models Auburn 851 Speedster with box end flap (G) and a 1938 Mercedes Benz Type 540K special Roadster (P)

Lot No. 279
A Western models Westernkits WRK2 1958 Lister Jaguar with green body, yellow stripe and 28 decal t/w another (latter lacking windscreen) (both F) and a Westernkits WRK1 1975 Elf Tyrell Project 34 6 Wheel Prototype (G), all with box end flaps

Lot No. 280
A Western models WMS2 1937 Lagonda 4 1/2 litre LG45 Rapide with green body (F-G), a 1938 silver Jaguar SS100 3 1/2 litre (F), a 1938 pale blue Bugatti type 575c Atlantic (F)and a WMS13 1931 beige Daimler Double Six/50 Corsica (G), all with box end flaps

Lot No. 281
A Western models Westernkits WRK3 1958 Jaguar XK120 Montlhery with grey body (F) t/w a Western models white WP101 Triumph Stag (F) and three other kitcars including Auto Replicas AR12 Amilcar Chassis with instruction sheet, an AR5 Healey Silverstone with instruction sheet and printed history and a Grand Prix models Studio series Modsports white Jaguar E type (mounted on base)

Lot No. 282
A Western models WMS14 1947 Allard J1 two seater sports car painted in mustard yellow in original box (rear wheels sticking) (G)

Lot No. 283
A Western models WMS9 1933 Campbell Rolls Royce 'Bluebird', 1:43 scale, crossed flag decals with box end flap (G-VG)

Lot No. 284
A Western models WMS17 1939 Mercedes Benz T80 Record Car with silver body, box end flap (VG)

Lot No. 285
A Brooklin models No7 1934 blue Chrysler Airflow Ford Door Sedan (G) in original box (P) t/w a Brooklin No2 1948 blue Tucker 48 Torpedo (g) in box (P), a DG Models 1936 open top Cord 810 (G) in box (F), an unboxed DG Models No 12 green 1930 Speed Six Bentley (G) and four other diecast kits cars

Lot No. 286
A Mebetoys (Mattel) Grand Prix P2 Alfa Romeo large display diecast car in original perspex display case and box (VG) t/w a Mebetoys Alfetta 158-159 with case and box (VG)

Lot No. 287
A Shocking Line red Ferrari 512 Prototype (G) with detail leaflet and key t/w a Casadio red Alfa Romeo P in original box with leaflet and packaging (VG) and two others

Lot No. 288
A Corgi Toys 1966-69 Lotus Racing Team gift set in original box, No 37 complete with sealed pack of cones but missing bollards, overall G to VG, box P

Lot No. 289
A Corgi Toys gift set, No 40, 'The Avengers' in original box with red/black Bentley and white/black Lotus Elan, Steed and Emma Peel figures, inner sleeve, replacement umbrellas (?), (G), box

Lot No. 290
A French Dinky Toys No 555 Cabriolet Ford Thunderbird with white body and red interior, driver, treaded white tyres (F-G) in original box (F-G) t/w a Dinky Toys No 142 light metallic blue Jaguar Mark X (G) with box (F), Dinky Toys No 195 cream Jaguar 3.4 Mk II (F) with box (P), Dinky Toys No 120 E Type (F) with box (F) and two Dinky Toys military vehicles Nos 673 and 674, both boxed (a/f)

Lot No. 291
A French Dinky Toys 1422 Ferrari F1, red body with driver (G) in box (G) t/w French Dinky 1433 Surtees TS 5, red body with driver (G) in box (G)

Lot No. 292
A Corgi No 358 green HQ Oldsmobile Staff Car with red interior, three passengers, aerial in original box (both G) t/w a Corgi No 221 Chevrolet Impala New York Taxi Cab, red interior, aerial and roof box (F-G) in box (G)

Lot No. 293
A Corgi No 345 MGC GT Competition model, yellow body with suitcase and unattached decals (F), overprinted box 'New MGC GT' (F) t/w Corgi No 151A Lotus Mk II Le Mans Racing Car, blue body, red interior, driver missing (F) in box (F)

Lot No. 294
A Corgi No 303 Mercedes Benz 300SL Open Roadster, white body with blue seats (G) in box with leaflet (F-G) t/w Corgi No 215S Ford Thunderbird Open Sports, red with yellow seats, driver (F-G) in box (F-G)

Lot No. 295
A Corgi Toys Gift Set No 17, Ferrari Racing Set with 438 Land Rover in red with cream top, red Ferrari on yellow trailer, inner sleeve (G) in original box (F-G)

Lot No. 296
A Corgi Toys Gift Set No 3, Thunderbird Missile Set, with 350 Missile and 351 Land Rover and trailer (G_VG) in original box (F_G)

Lot No. 297
A Corgi Toys No 267 Batmobile in gloss back with Batman and Robin figures, 3 yellow rockets, instructions envelope and contents (G) t/w Corgi 258 The Saint's Volvo P1800 with white body and black saint logo, driver (F-G) and Corgi No 261 James Bonds Aston Martin with driver and bandit, sealed secret instructions, mechanisms poor (P)

Lot No. 298
A Matchbox Lesney No 75 Ford Thunderbird in cream with peach side panels, blue base (G) in box (G) t/w four later Matchbox models: No 28 Jaguar Mk 10 (G), No 75 Ferrari Berlinetta (G), No 33 Lamborghini Miura P400 (G) and a Matchbox 75 model NO 4 1957 Chevy (VG), all boxed

Lot No. 299
A Dinky Toys No 109 yellow Austin Healey 100 with blue interior and driver, No 21 decal (F-G) t/w Dinky Toys No 102 MG Midget and No 157 Jaguar XK 120 (both repainted), No 169 Studebaker (wheels stiff), No 238 Jaguar D Type in turquoise (F), rare No 105 Triumph TR2 with grey body and red interior, spun hubs and grey driver (F) and No 157 Jaguar XK120 with yellow lower and grey upper body

Lot No. 300
A Tekno 300SL Mercedes Benz in silver grey with black roof (G) in box (G) t/w a Marklin (No 8025) Miniaturautos Mercedes 190SL in red (F) in box (F) and a Politoys Alfa Romeo GS Zagato (No 532) (G) in box (F)

Lot No. 301
A Tekno No 834 Mustang Coupe in red with black roof (G) in box (G) t/w a Mercury No 39 Ferrari 250 Le Mans in red (G) in box (G) and two perspex cased Dinky models No 216, Dino Ferrari (G) and NO 153 Aston Martin DB6 (G)

Lot No. 302
Various Tekno unboxed diecast models including Tekno No 138 Yellow Ford Thunderbird, No 813 Ferrari Jaguar E Type , Monzo GT MG (all F-G)

Lot No. 303
A box of various playworn Matchbox Lesney diecast vehicles including early dumper, horse and cart, Coronation coach, cement mixer, early and later examples (38)

Lot No. 304
A collection of 19 Brumm Oro boxed vehicles comprising Nos: 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 23, 25, 26, 27, 33, 35, 37, 38, 39, 41, 43, 47, 152, 153 t/w three Brumm cycle cars 1. 3. and 6, all appear mint and boxed

Lot No. 305
A collection of 23 Italian Rio Models 1/43 scale diecast vehicles in perspex boxes (all appear excellent)

Lot No. 306
A box of various Dinky and Corgi playworn vehicles for spares and repairs

Lot No. 307
A box containing various Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox and other diecast vehicles (mainly G and VG)

Lot No. 308
A box containing various boxed collectors diecast vehicles including Maisto, Siku, Majorette and others

Lot No. 309
A box containing various large collectors diecast vehicles including Burago, Polistil, Maisto, American Muscle and others

Lot No. 310
A collection of various boxed and unboxed collectors diecast vehicles including Models of Yesteryear, Maisto, Schuco, Solido, Corgi, a Matchbox Jaguar gift set and others

Lot No. 311
A Dinky Toys Bristol 173 helicopter (F) (no box) t/w various miniature items including six various plastic bodied Wiking vehicles, a bag of white and black tyres, box of one dozen Corgis 19mm tyres, a Sacul metal Andy Pandy three piece set (Any one arm missing and all playworn), a Dinky Esso petrol pump set, various diecast miniature signs, figures etc and a Dinky Supertoys/Toys 1956 catalogue (worn)

Lot No. 312
Four various Scalextric plastic bodied slot racing cars: BMW M1, Ford RS 200, Lanci Rally 037, Ferrari GTO (one wing mirror missing), two Scalextric motor cycles and sidecars C281-2 (2) and four various American Cox slot racing cars ( all untested) (10)

Lot No. 313
A box containing a quantity of various Scalextric trackside buildings and accessories including Red Cross hut, timekeepers hut, figures, fencing etc

Lot No. 314
Three Finecast 1/24 scale boxed metal car kits (all unmade) including 1928 Bentley Le Mans 4.5 litre, 1934 Bugatti type 59 3.3 litre and a 1938 Jaguar SS100 3.5 litre t/w two 1/43 scale Finecast kits: Daimler SP250 and Riley Imp 1935 (Grey inner liners perished in all)

Lot No. 315
A box containing a large quantity of unmade metal model car kits in various scales including Monogram, 10 Auto Replicas (local Bournemouth manufacturer) in tubes and boxes, Grand Prix models, John Day, Hubley (Duesenberg) (a lot)

Lot No. 316
EXIN CASTILLOS: a box containing a large quantity of plastic building bricks for construction of toy castles with various coloured plastic base boards and instruction/sales leaflets t/w a Siku model hot air balloon in original box

Lot No. 317
A collection of various 1960's/1970's Britains Swoppets plastic cowboys and indians including 8 horse mounted and 4 free standing cowboys and 7 horse mounted and 4 freestanding indians

Lot No. 318
A collection of three 1960's/1970's Britains Swoppets knights and five Timpo plastic knights on horseback and six freestanding including one with moveable visor and two siege machines with four figures

Lot No. 319
A quantity of various Britains Swoppets plastic figures for spares and repairs and two soldiers and box and a Britains Deetail metal based set of plastic knights in original box (P)

Lot No. 320
Various Tri-ang Hornby train items including a Davy Crockett engine and tender (untested), three Pullman coaches, small quantity of track and catalogues and instructions

Lot No. 321
A large quantity of miniature plastic model railway and other items by Wiking, Lima, Trix t/w a Lima V100 1026 loco and carriage, a Fleischmann Piccolo 7306 carriage with overhead stanchion and a black Atlas B&O 99 loco (2187)

Lot No. 322
A Lima four piece miniature train set t/w an Atlas loco and tender and two carriages together with a quantity of miniature rail track, four various transformers, miniature figures and trees and bushes.