Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1970. Sale Date: Tuesday 13th November 2018

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Books, Photographs, Postcards and Prints etc . . .

Lot No. 29
A Londinium 1660 map, Pears coloured print of Bubbles, a selection of photographs, prints, decorative wood panel etc..

Lot No. 30
A selection of books various including Aston Martin Owners Club desk diaries, tools For the 20th Century catalogue, Aston, commemorative newspapers, pamphlets etc..

Lot No. 31
A selection of decorative furnishing pictures

Lot No. 32
Benjamin Chee Chee 74. A screen print of birds, framed and glazed - 19in. x 15in., Galony. A modern oil, framed - 21in. x 24in. and three other pictures

Lot No. 33
A coloured print of Madonna, in a decorative frame, a Victorian black and white print, a selection of black and white engravings, wall hanging etc..

Lot No. 34
A quantity of books various

Lot No. 35
A selection of coloured photographs of the Falklands fleet including HMS Hermes, Fearless, SS Canberra, SS Uganda etc.., all framed and glazed

Lot No. 36
Two coloured prints after Lowry - Northern River Side, framed and glazed - 16 1/2in. x 24in. and Lancashire Village, framed and glazed

Lot No. 37
Indian Memories Recollections of Soldiering, Sport etc., Sir Robert Baden Powell, published by Herbert Jenkins Limited 1915 (no dust cover)

Lot No. 38
A late 19th Century Garretts illustrated map of Bournemouth showing public buildings and places of interest, framed and glazed - 21in. x 34in.

Lot No. 39
A 1704 indenture signed Leeds, a selection of early 20th Century postcards of London and Bournemouth, an album of prints, London Illustrated News etc..

Lot No. 40
A Strand stamp album, a Stanley Gibbons stamp album, the Silver Jubilee of The Queens Accession album, loose stamps etc..

Lot No. 41
Graham Clarke. Three limited edition prints - Mogs Court 45 of 350, Proper Job 71 of 350 and Snowy 243 of 300, all signed in pencil and numbered, framed and glazed

Lot No. 42
A selection of decorative prints including two in the style of Erte, abstract heads, Jane Stewart - Reclining nude etc..

Lot No. 43
A limited edition print after John Piper - Ruishton, no.47 of 100, signed and numbered in pencil to the mount, framed and glazed (please note artists resale rights will apply)

Lot No. 44
A limited edition print after John Piper - Isles Abbots, no.44 of 105, signed and numbered in pencil to the mount, framed and glazed (please note artists resale rights apply)

Lot No. 304
A signed limited edition print after Robin Pinnock, no.84 of 250 - Yeovil At Yeovil Junction, framed and glazed, a signed limited edition print after Don Breckon no.58 of 650 - Riverside Local, framed and glazed, one other coloured railway print and two sets of framed cigarette cards relating to the railway, mounted, framed and glazed