Auction Catalogue

Sale No. 1978. Sale Date: Tuesday 19th March 2019

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Books, Photographs, Postcards and Prints etc . . .

Lot No. 18
An Islamic illustrated page from a book containing script and figures fighting, in an inlaid frame and glazed - 7 3/4in. x 13in.

Lot No. 19
Graham Clarke. Two volumes on his works, Scarfe - Line of Attack, John Clashams World, Rev. J.G Wood - Natural History, stamps, First Day covers, coin sets etc..

Lot No. 20
An early 20th Century postcard album containing mostly black and white topographical cards, a small selection of loose postcards and photographs

Lot No. 21
A selection of 19th Century coloured engravings, framed and glazed, an oil of Thailand, E Fong. Pastel portrait of a young boy, a coloured print after William S Phillips - No Empty Bunks Tonight, coloured print of a seated gentleman etc..

Lot No. 22
A small selection of coloured prints including a print after Winston Churchill of a Continental coastal scene with trees, a coloured print of a lady in 17th Century dress, a coloured print of pines on the dunes etc..

Lot No. 23
A selection of antique documents, property deeds etc..

Lot No. 24
A Stanley Gibbons, Blue Lagoon, Bounty and Royal Mail albums of stamps from around the world, one other album and a selection of loose stamps

Lot No. 25
An early 20th Century postcard album containing coloured and black and white topographical, greetings and other cards including many of Brighton, Uckfield, Slough etc..

Lot No. 26
A Chinese picture, a mottoware bowl, commemorative china, two white glazed wall plaques in the form of birds etc..

Lot No. 27
Rothman's Football Year Books; volumes 1-29 & Sky Sports Football Year Books, years 30-48

Lot No. 28
Photographs & Ephemera: An album including early motoring photos, another of a society wedding, a qty. of Estate sale particulars, and miscellaneous other pieces; a quantity

Lot No. 29
Victorian photo album, of polished wood & brass, containing over 100 cartes de visite & cabinet portraits. The family album of the Rev. Henry Squires (1846-1910)